About Us

Mission Statement

The Kaiser Permanente Asian Association provides scholarships, leadership development opportunities, and a free services outreach program to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. In particular, we focus on the needs of Asian Pacific Islander communities within the Northern California region and the development of internal leaders who can help those communities thrive.

Vision Statement

All of Kaiser Permanente’s API employees have equal opportunities to serve as organizational leaders and to support their diverse communities. In addition, by being a part of KPAA, they have a significant voice in the multicultural community and are instrumental in realizing KP’s goal to be a national leader in equity, diversity and inclusion.

Our History

KPAA was founded in 1992 to build Asian leaders within KP, to enhance their ability to influence direction within the organization, and to foster young and upcoming leaders through high school scholarships.

In the Northern California region, the API population makes up more than 25 percent of the physician and employee workforce and about 8 percent of our health care membership. A tremendous opportunity exists, therefore, to fully leverage our API cultural heritage to increase KP’s competitive advantage and to enhance our service to members, patients, employees, physicians and the community at large.

Over the past 20 years, our focus has been on giving scholarships and community grants, as well as professional networking and leadership development. Today, KPAA includes approximately 500 members with a common interest in promoting professional growth, healthy API communities and culturally competent care at Kaiser Permanente.