Aditi Gopalan

American High School, Fremont

Since her internship with the Asian American Donor Program in 2012, Aditi Gopalan has been personally responsible for adding more than 850 minority individuals to the National Bone Marrow Registry. Since losing her mother in 2011 because a match was not available to help treat her leukemia, Aditi has worked tirelessly to help save the lives of other mothers who may find themselves in need of a bone marrow transplant. Aditi became involved with the Asian American Donor Program in eleventh grade, hopeful that raising awareness and recruiting donors could prevent another child from losing a parent.

In addition to bringing Asian American Donor awareness to her school and communities, Aditi is a performer and instructor at the Aerodance Academy. She assumed the training workload for the entire school of more than 75 students when the founder and artistic director had to suddenly rush to India for a family emergency; Her stellar work ethic and time management skills led teachers trust her with the significant responsibility. Aditi wishes to continue to be a social entrepreneur, changing the lives of people around her for the better.