Alice Kuang

Independence High School, San Francisco

Alice Kuang envisions a different world: one that is more equitable, sustainable and compassionate. And she has actively taken steps to create that world. Through Youth Movement of Justice Organizing (YouthMOJO), Alice has learned to tackle social issues head on. Those who know Alice refer to her vibrant and affirming nature, the fierceness and passion with which she advocates for her community and other marginalized communities of color, her natural leadership abilities, her compassionate and empathetic way of empowering others, her self-reflection, her resilience and – more than anything else – her courage.

Becoming a youth advocate for justice, Alice has worked with YouthMOJO to create and facilitate community workshops and organized community members to rally for workers’ rights. She was active in the successful effort to pass Proposition J, which raises the minimum wage in San Francisco to $15 by 2018. By actively resisting injustice and fighting for marginalized and struggling groups, Alice pays tribute to her immigrant family and her single-room occupancy (SRO) community. By amplifying her voice to encourage others, especially youth, to become part of the movement creating her envisioned world, Alice has established the path that she means to follow in the years to come.