Sonia Sachar

Irvington High School, Fremont

Sonia Sachar aims to revolutionize the world one line of code at a time. She’s taken action in very practical ways, both locally and globally. With a grant from DigiLit, Sonia initiated a “Teens Teaching Tech” program for seniors at the Fremont Main Library. At school, she developed a space-based repetition-learning algorithm that adapted to students’ individual learning styles for optimal test performance. At Stanford’s Canary Center, she took a machine-learning approach and built computational models to optimize prediction of drug efficacy for cancer therapies. And she created a working software tool that predicts the most effective drug for lung cancer patients.

To project her own and other student voices, she founded the International High School Journal of Science. To increase gender diversity in the tech field, Sonia created a Girls Tech Club and a Code Like A Girl foundation. She interviewed sixty women in technology from diverse backgrounds across the United States to publish a book voicing their hidden stories: “Aspire, Lead, Change: Inspirations from Women in Technology”. In addition to her work in the tech world, Sonia is an elected City Council Youth Commissioner, representing 15,000 youth in Fremont. She fought for and created the official youth blog that serves a forum for youth voices on the issues they face. Sonia plans to continue using her established leadership voice to bring emerging voices that might not otherwise be heard to a broader platform.