Vy Nguyen

Jefferson High School, Daly City

Vy’s life of service began at age 10 when he and a group of friends got permission to set up shop at a hospital to make and serve free juice to patients. Fast forward to a new life in a new country, and Vy is still making waves. As a high school sophomore, Vy began serving as team leader for the North County Prevention Partnership’s Be The Change Youth Council. Under his leadership, Be The Change was instrumental in getting a social host ordinance passed, holding parents accountable for underage drinking in their homes as a means to reduce the number of car accidents caused by underage drinking. Vy’s high school counselor calls him “an extreme example of a role model who shows his peers that they can achieve what they want and that their voices matter”.

When he realized that fellow students were interested in bringing AP Chemistry to his school, despite having completed a college-level chemistry course, himself, Vy met with the principal, approached teachers to assess their interest in teaching AP Chemistry, started the petition, and secured the required signatures. Vy plans to continue sharing his love of learning with others by remaining connected to Be The Change, standing by others to find the way, show the way, and – ultimately – lead the way.