Angela Yang

St. Ignatius College Preparatory, Pacifica

As an aspiring writer in the tech-obsessed Bay Area, Angela grew up with a unique affliction: every time she tried to find encouragement and support for her creative writing desires, she was instead told by the adults around her to embrace Computer Science. After enduring year after year of this, Angela chose to redirect her frustrations into the creation of a program she would have loved to have had available to her in middle school: a place to write freely, to find companionship with other young writers, and to receive personalized mentorship from more experienced writers. The end result was Wildcat Writers, a club at her high school that provides high school volunteers with the skills and techniques needed to design and teach after-school writing workshops at local elementary and middle schools. To make the program a reality, Angela contacted and met with the principals and after-school directors of several local schools, pitching Wildcat Writers to them and encouraging their partnership in her fledgling effort. Though the program began slowly – only four middle school students attended the first meeting to receive writing mentorship – the club now mentors over forty students at two middle schools and one elementary school in San Francisco. Under her leadership, Angela and her fellow Wildcat Writer volunteers have successfully brought elementary, middle, and high school students together to share in the joy of writing. But Angela’s not done – she plans to explore Psychology, English, and East Asian studies in college, and would ultimately like to become a clinical psychologist who primarily serves the Asian community.