Arvind Kannappan

Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon

While most people may shudder and choose to close their ears when the word “snakebite” is mentioned, Arvind did the opposite. Upon learning, in the winter of 2015, that over 125,000 people die annually from snakebites and most of those deaths come from villages in Asia, Arvind jumped at the opportunity to bring awareness to this global health crisis. Though he was initially only asked to translate the testimonies of snakebite victims from Tamil to English for the first ever documentary about snakebites (“Minutes to Die”), Arvind soon learned that snakebite is a topic that has never made the headlines, and has received little support for world health leaders. Disappointed by how little global support there was, he made it his mission to spread awareness, raise funding, and create connections about this ignored crisis. He began by developing a grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funds for snakebite victims in Tamilnadu. Arvind has done it all to make this campaign a success, and has used the lessons he learned along the way to bring other ideas to fruition. In the future, he wants to be able to lead numerous social ventures in the form of a venture capitalist firm, using his knowledge in business to have a positive impact financially on suffering individuals around the world.